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All fault is his for a blogger to not get read. It is because the blogs that they generate is pure unadulterated junk not fit for consumption by any reader with some dignity.

This is one such blogger. Not only does he not blog often, he blogs junk. Abolute junk.

And now after blogging he has a feeling if being in the dumps.

So here is one more attempt from him to get noticed by generating some pity.

Rarely does he blog,

His writing is like a log,

Nor does he slog,

And writes like a slob.

So blog readers please read this. If you do I promise to come with more such nonsensical blog on a regular basis to add to your woes.

What’s one’s spouse

Irritating like a louse

Expects you to be mouse

Wants to run the house

Always has a grouse

Creates daily fires to douze

The body cannot booze

The legsĀ cannot laze

The Eyes cannot gaze

Life becomes a maze

Spent in absolute daze