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The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book brings to life in the early part of the century in the USA. Nick moves from the West to Long Island in New York to earn a living. He ends up with Gatsby as his neighbour. His neighbour has parties going in and anybody and everybody seems to be coming to the parties. He gets to know a lady golfer when he goes to meet his cousin, Daisy, who lives across the sound. He learns that she is also a visitor to Gatsby’s parties.
One day he gets invited to one of Gatsby’s party and it turns out that he and Gatsby had been in the army at the same time and that their paths had crossed. He starts getting closer to Gatsby. His cousin’s husband is having an affair with another lady and he does nothing to hide it from Nick.
Soon Gatsby’s reason for getting friendly with Nick comes out in the open. Gatsby has been in love with Nick’s cousin and is trying to woo her back. Nick helps in their meeting, but her husband realizes what is happen and confronts Gatsby on a trip to New York City along with his wife, Nick and golfer.
On the way back Daisy, who is driving Gatsby’s car runs over the lady with whom her husband is having an affair. Read the book to get to the climax of the book.
A decent read.

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