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Somebody who has been convicted by the court for killing another human in cold blood is released on parole, apparently because his mother is sick and he has shown good behaviour. What do you expect such a person to do? Go to mama and take care of her? Stay out of further trouble? No. See what such a person does. and this
Partying in a Night Club and getting into tiff with with others in the party.
This is our India. Where the mind is not free, but people with money are free and run amok with absolute disdain of morals and ethics.
Where our politicians feel they should allow such persons pardon, because their parents made a big donation to their party for the elections, or got their favourite good-for-nothing relative a paying job.
Tagore wanted a free India where the Indians could walk with their heads held high. Which Indian go with her head held high when such happenings are becoming common?
One more celebrity goes scott free, even after being convicted by a court. Firstly it took all of nine plus years for the conviction to come through. This is an insult to the victims. To add injury to this insult if has just taken nine months for court to overrule this ruling.
Firstly the case was drawn so long that the witnesses were either compromised or were just exhausted. Secondly in all probability the right set of people were bribed.
Admiral Nanda the father of the accused can spit venom against the people “maligning” his son, but just look at the circumstances:
1. Son of a rich person
2. Driving a BMW at a time when in whole of India we may have had only a handful of them
3. The accused was drunk and this much was conceded by both courts.
Perfect recipe for disaster. And it happened. One should be surprised if such disasters do not happen on a regular basis.
If drunken irresponsible driving deserves to be punished only with a two year sentence one starts thinking, what sort of justice is this.
For all we know, very soon we will have the accused Mr. Sanjeev Nanda zipping around, this time probably in a Mercedes or a Lexus (so that he is more safe and does not get injured in an accident) or some other stronger SUV gifted to him by his father dear father on his having successfully finished his term in the cooler in Tihar jail.

Post Script
If anybody is already seeing Mr. Sanjeev Nanda zipping around in one of the dream cars, do not be surprised, Tihar is known to leak when you have the right connects and a deep pocket. Remember the exploits of Charles Shobraj in Tihar?