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This is the post that Joe Hewitt wrote to indicate that the web platform needs to have an owner for it to thrive. Mr. Joe seems to have forgotten that the internet and web was invented by the Defense and not by the industry with which he seems enamoured.

He feels that unless some company comes over and starts dictating how things to be done, probably the way Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others do the net will not be a dominant player. Well all one has to do is to see how popular these companies are in the view of the developers (not the rest of the industry) to see how false this statement is.

Linux was born without a company and is going steady without a company like the ones mentioned above and so are many others. Yes there is a backing from these same companies, but they are doing it only because they are finding it difficult to compete with these open source, free software groups. So they have decided to join hands with these communities.

Mr. Joe talks about the innovation of browsers being killed. He needs to realize that it is being killed because of the rivalry across the same companies which he says should own the web. It seems to be a very immature statement.