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The TCS Story . . . and Beyond (Tata Consultancy Services)The TCS Story . . . and Beyond by S. Ramadorai
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is well written and highlights the Travails faced by the IT industry pioneers in India. For somebody in the Indian IT industry today it hightlights the characteristics of associates in the early days with the characteristics of the associates today. It is a world of a difference. Associates were more dedicated, more loyal and more hardworking than they are today. Maybe the same number of associates answer to the above set of attributes but in overall percentage of associates in IT companies there numbers are very small and that is the reason one has seen a huge drop in the quality of software coming out of these companies.

While Mr. Ramadorai highlights the successes of TCS he is failed to touch upon the failures which would have added another dimension to the company that is TCS. The book leaves the reader in no doubt as to who were the pioneers of IT industry in India.

Towards the end of the book Mr. Ramadorai has put in his thoughts on Education in India and how vocational training has to be brought in and strengthened as that would open up more avenues of employment for the students passing out of the numerous schools and colleges. It would give a different means to livelihood to the millions who today strive the find a job and then try to find satisfaction with whatever job comes their way rather than being able to select a job as per their abilities and likes.

On the whole a good read for the employees of the Indian IT industry.

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