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Mr. Thackeray,

This is an earnest request from a non-marathi citizen of India, so you may wish to ignore the suggestions. Your appeal to ban the Pakistani artistes will appeal to many and many will be willing to go with you. If you try and enforce it the way you have done things in the past, by using sticks and lathis and knifes and swords it will not win you any admirers, you will end up losing those on sitting on the fence undecided.

If on the other hand you decide to take a more peaceful approach and appeal to the conscious of the people and ask them not to chip in to the success of films having Pakistani artistes it is likely that you will be more successful in implementing your ban and it will at least not push the fence sitters to the other side. It may actually bring some of your non-fans onto the fence if they do not outright jump into your side.

One needs to keep in mind, nobody likes bullies. It is only the bully’s cronies who will pander to their egos and that because they want something out of the bully and not out of any respect.

It is upto you to ultimately decide how you wish to proceed.

A peace loving citizen who would like to agree with you on this ban.

A wonderful article about why Donald Trump is winning. Towards the end of the article where the writer advises what the Democrats should do to better their chances of winning. There is a lot of lessons for the Indian Politicians in this section.

Here is that section excerpted from the article and their applicability to Indian Politicians.

“Remember not to repeat false conservative claims and then rebut them with the facts. Instead, go positive. Give a positive truthful framing to undermine claims to the contrary. Use the facts to support positively-framed truth. Use repetition.”

The same applies to the Indian Politicians. Stop defending. Just speak about what is being done.

“Second, start with values, not policies and facts and numbers. Say what you believe, but haven’t been saying. For example, progressive thought is built on empathy, on citizens caring about other citizens and working through our government to provide public resources for all, both businesses and individuals. Use history. That’s how America started. The public resources used by businesses were not only roads and bridges, but public education, a national bank, a patent office, courts for business cases, interstate commerce support, and of course the criminal justice system. From the beginning, the Private Depended on Public Resources, both private lives and private enterprise.

Over time those resources have included sewers, water and electricity, research universities and research support: computer science (via the NSF), the internet (ARPA), pharmaceuticals and modern medicine (the NIH), satellite communication (NASA and NOA), and GPS systems and cell phones (the Defense Department). Private enterprise and private life utterly depend on public resources. Have you ever said this? Elizabeth Warren has. Almost no other public figures. And stop defending “the government.” Talk about the public, the people, Americans, the American people, public servants, and good government. And take back freedom. Public resources provide for freedom in private enterprise and private life.

The conservatives are committed to privatizing just about everything and to eliminating funding for most public resources. The contribution of public resources to our freedoms cannot be overstated. Start saying it.

And don’t forget the police. Effective respectful policing is a public resource. Chief David O. Brown of the Dallas Police got it right. Training, community policing, knowing the people you protect. And don’t ask too much of the police: citizens have a responsibility to provide funding so that police don’t have to do jobs that should be done by others.

Unions need to go on the offensive. Unions are instruments of freedom — freedom from corporate servitude. Employers call themselves job creators. Working people are profit creators for the employers, and as such they deserve a fair share of the profits and respect and acknowledgement. Say it. Can the public create jobs. Of course. Fixing infrastructure will create jobs by providing more public resources that private lives and businesses depend on. Public resources to create more public resources. Freedom creates opportunity that creates more freedom.”

Neither the contribution of Public and Private enterprises is important. Neither should take an upper hand.

“Third, keep out of nasty exchanges and attacks. Keep out of shouting matches. One can speak powerfully without shouting. Obama sets the pace: Civility, values, positivity, good humor, and real empathy are powerful. Calmness and empathy in the face of fury are powerful. Bill Clinton won because he oozed empathy, with his voice, his eye contact, and his body. It wasn’t his superb ability as a policy wonk, but the empathy he projected and inspired.

Values come first, facts and policies follow in the service of values. They matter, but they always support values.

Give up identity politics. No more women’s issues, black issues, Latino issues. Their issues are all real, and need public discussion. But they all fall under freedom issues, human issues. And address poor whites! Appalachian and rust belt whites deserve your attention as much as anyone else. Don’t surrender their fate to Trump, who will just increase their suffering.

And remember JFK’s immortal, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Empathy, devotion, love, pride in our country’s values, public resources to create freedoms. And adulthood.

Be prepared. You have to understand Trump to stand calmly up to him and those running with him all over the country.”

Absolutely relevant to the Indian Politicians what with Kejriwal accusing Modi of preparing to kill him, Modi calling Rahul a Yuvraj and the Congress walas calling Modi names.

What Young India WantsWhat Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A difficult book to review. It covers a wide variety of topics. Many of them sensitive and controversial. It is obviously not easy to agree with the author and at the same time not disagree on many topics. Most of them are related to what problems plague India and some solutions on how they can be weeded out.

Most of the solutions are not wrong, but many of them are wishful thinking. They are not strong solutions. Unfortunately it is unlikely any of them are going to bear fruit in the near future.

One solution that has not been talked about in the book is a social revolution leading to Uniform Civil Code which is fair and just to both genders, all religions, and all castes.

A decent read, nothing earth shattering.

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The Edge of DesireThe Edge of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Based on the rape of a woman in Bihar. The protagonist gets married after catching her live-in partner in an intimate position with her girl-friend. She leaves her career in journalism and joins her IAS husband who is posted in a remote district of Bihar. The caste politics has just peaked in Bihar and a person called Salim Yadav, having the right caste and religion has become a menace in the district.
She tries to prevent his cohorts from raping a mentally retarded girl in public. Her husband tries to disband his extortion network by conducting raids and having him arrested. In turn, he and three of his cohorts rape her at the first opportunity that comes his way.
This is a turning point in her life and she starts fighting back. Her husband supports her first, but soon starts suspecting her. He ex-boyfriend who is now a journalist creates more trouble her by raising doubts about her morality.
She embraces politics to fight her battle, at the suggestion of a political leader who becomes her mentor in the political world.
The book continues on how she goes on to fight different battles both in her personal front and on the political front.
Hope more such women with guts come up to fight the prejudice that exists in our country.
A decent read.

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Dongri To Dubai: Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia Dongri To Dubai: Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia by S. Hussain Zaidi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An honest book to say the least. A very interesting account of the mafia in Mumbai. Starting from the post independence era, the book traces the history of how the Pathans ruled roost and when their menace was going beyond control Dawood was hoisted by the police themselves to oust the Pathans. In process the police did not realise that they were giving rise to a mafia worse than the one they were trying to dislodge.

Kudos to Hussain Zaidi for writing this book and more importantly the manner in which it has been written makes the book unputdownable. It offers a deep insight of the other side of the law. It provides the motives which drive the mafia to pickup the gun. It underplays the role of corrupt police officials and politicians in the nurturing of these gangs. One only finds references to these underhand dealings. It is but natural as these are the people in power and can do anything they wish and get away with it.

The book ends with details of how Dawood continues to be under the protection of the ISI in Pakistan and how duplicitous the US is in its dealings with India. On the one hand they bring out a notice saying that Dawood has assisted the Al-Queda and hence needs to be punished, but nothing needs to be done, now that Al Queda has been emasculated. It does not matter that the ISI and Dawood continue their activities in India. It is an internal matter between the two countries and US is thankful to Pakistan for their assistance in helping them quell the Al Queda which both of them put together setup in the first place.

A goodread for all lovers of Mumbai.

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It is really funny to see how so many of the Indian politicians are suffering from the foot in the mouth disease. Each one seems to be suffering more from the other. One after the other they have been doing the same over the past decade. For somebody following Indian politics it has been one hilarious decade to say the least.

The latest statement coming from Salman Khurshid who has stated “Headley would’ve got longer jail term in India”. What he did not say is that it would have taken 35 years to hand the sentence to Headley in India going by the cases pending in India (with Kasab being an exception).

The image has been copied from the Rediff article Is this cartoon obscene?

The picture above shows it all (pun intended)
Here is the blog of Satish Acharya for more cartoon