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Posted on: June 6, 2007

Just am realizing how easy it is to get attached to a child, especially if one is seeing it every day. The Innocence of the child is perceivable in its every single action. The trust that is shown by the child towards its near and dear ones is unsurpassed. If one could extend that kind of trust to everyone around and if everyone around reciprocated the world would be heaven. It would be heaven on Earth.
But we humankind seem to have no such intention. If we do not extend this kind of trust even towards the very children who extend us such trust, what kind of trust will we extend towards others? We get attached to the child because it trusts us, but we do not reciprocate its trust. We shout at it we scold it and we ignore it when we have our own work. Is that how we should reciprocate its trust?

Oh! the innocence of a child
Enough to melt any heart
In the World any part