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What does this ( article mean to the Indians?
A family, probably only the father, a rich business man at that, kills his daughter for fear of dowry. What does it speak of our laws? Or to be more precise the implementators of the law?
On one hand there are people exploiting the dowry laws to harass others and here we have the case where somebody who is in all likelihood aware of the existence of the law, killing the daugther rather than handing over the dowry demanders to the police.
Why did they do it? Will our social workers take that up and ensure that such a thing does not happen in the future? Will our law makers and law enforcers sit up and take notice?
It is not sufficient to make laws, it is necessary to ensure that they are enforced in the right manner without being exploited.
When will our law enforcement improve? Or will it continue to be like this?
What does it speak of our education? Are we educated or just literate?