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Honour Among Thieves/Kane And AbelHonour Among Thieves/Kane And Abel by Jeffrey Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another of Jeffrey Archer’s potboiler. Saddam Hussein is smarting from the beating he has taken from the Americans and is itching to take revenge. He wishes to disgrace the Americans and the American President Bill Clinton by stealing the Declaration of Independence and burning it up in front of the world media.
To this he uses one of his staff members who is at the UN to negotiate a deal with a crooked lawyer to steal the Declaration of Independence. The lawyer sets up a team to achieve this including a master forger, a White House Presidential Secretary, a Film Directory who has been disgraced and an actor who is ready to be a con. He kidnaps the daughter of the best plastic surgeon and makes him convert the actor to look like Bill Clinton. He then has the forger create replicas of the Declaration of Independence and the film director gets permission to shoot for a film involving the President going to the archives to see the Declaration of Independence. With the help of the White House Secretary he convinces the persons in charge of the archives that real President is going to visit them to take a look at the Declaration of Independence.
In parallel there is a young Mossad recruit who is being trained by Mossad and the plan is to send her to try and assassinate Saddam Hussein. Also there is a University Professor of Law who is used by CIA because he has spent some time in the Middle East and is considered an expert in interpreting their moves. Mossad has sent the lady in question to France to try and infiltrate into the Iraqi embassy which she does successfully. CIA has sent the professor to scout and see if he can find out something from her as every other CIA agent in France is apparently known to the Mossad. In the process the two fall in love. Mossad mistakes the professor to be a plant to try and break their attempt to break into the Iraqi embassy and she is asked to kill him for having fallen for him. She poisons him but he reveals the truth before falling down. She is overwhelmed by guild and goes with the ambassador to Iraq to try and achieve her goal irrespective of Mossad’s command.
The professor is saved and he along with the Mossad deputy makes an attempt to get into Iraq by posing as the delivery persons for a Nuclear Bomb safe, safe ordered by Saddam from a company in Sweden.
The lawyer has stolen the Declaration of Independence and it appears that it is with Saddam at his Baath Party Headquarters. The denouement happens in Baghdad in the Baath Party’s headquarters. Read the book to see how it all ends.
It is a good read for all fans of Jeffrey Archer.

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