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Today I opened a bank account in Ecuador. The first thing that you need is a Censo card. Thankfully this was done onĀ  Friday the last. Then you need the Passport. What you need is a colour copy of the passport and a black and white one is insufficient. The pamphlet that the bank gave indicated that a legible black and white one would suffice, but the business representative said it must be in colour.
Then they wanted an Electricity bill of the house in which I am staying. The rental agreement is not sufficient.
I had a letter from my company stating that I had been deputed to Ecuador for two years and that they should let me open an account. That was not enough they wanted a Personal letter of introduction from a local Ecuadorian who had an account in the same bank.
So ended up going to the bank thrice before they created the account. When they entered my passport number in the system that system refused to take the passport number as the system expected it to be a numeric number and my passport is Alpha numeric. So finally it was created without the alphabet.