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To cut a long review short, do not see PK if you have seen Oh My God and have enjoyed it. PK will spoil the impact of OMG.

Where OMG is a hard hitting movie highlighting how the naive devotees are taken for a ride by the religious “pundits” et. al. PK tries to convey a similar message through an alien. Under attack is a self styled “guruji” who woos devotees so that he can live in the lap of luxury.

The movie is as flat as the soda which has lost its fizz.

The movie starts with a love story between an Indian lady and a Pakistani man who fall in love with Belgium. When the lady tells her parents that she wishes to marry a Pakistani muslim the father runs to the “guruji” who predicts that the man will betray her. She defies him and her parents and asks her fiance to come to a church to get married. In the church a child delivers a message saying that the marriage will not be approved by the parents and so the marriage will not go ahead. With a broken heart the lady returns to India only to be rejected by her family and becomes a TV reporter/anchor.

Aamir Khan, an alien, lands somewhere in Rajasthan in the buff. A common man steals the remote control to his space ship and leaves him a tape recorder. He learns that he cannot move around in the buff and takes to stealing clothes of people making out in their cars, with their windows open. (It is a revelation to me that making out in the car and that in a remote villages in Rajasthan is such a common feature. That they will be oblivious to somebody stealing their clothes and wallets beats me completely.)

Being an alien gives him an ability to learn everything that somebody else has learnt in just a few hours by holding their hands. Thus he learns Bhojpuri from a prostitute who works in the village where he is taken by a musical band leader. Now with his new found knowledge of Bhojpuri he tries trying to locate his remote control to the spaceship. The musical band leader helpfully tells him that anything that is expensive can only be sold in Delhi and so our alien sets off to Delhi.

In Delhi he tries to get the help of the the uniformed people to get his remote control and is told “Only God can help you”. Everybody seems to be telling him that “Only God can help you”. Unfortunately the prostitute does not seem to have transferred only the literal meaning of “Only God can help you” and so our alien sets off trying to propitiate the various Gods of different religions.

In the process he encounters the reporter who sees a story for herself. She pits him against the “guruji” and garners good TRP ratings for her channel. The guruji has the remote which he wishes to install in a temple.

In the end the alien and the “guruji” have a debate on the TV. The alien challenges the “guruji” saying that his prediction of the muslim man not being truthful to the reporter is false. The “guruji” picks up the challenge and says that if his prediction can be proved otherwise he would surrender the remote control to the alien. The alien goes on to prove how it was a misunderstanding which led to the two lover-birds parting and gets his remote control and goes back to his sphere.

All in all a very insipid movie which should not get more than a *. But given the fact that it is rolling in money shows the intelligence level of our audience.

Aamir does well as the alien (except for the permanent stunned look on his face) and Anuskha Sharma also does not do bad.

As advised don’t see if you have seen OMG.