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Being a state that does not believe in religion and being a state that has driven Dalai Lama away from his homeland and persecuting the Tibetans, China has no right to interfere in who becomes the next Dalai Lama. China is violating the basic principle of separation of State and Church.
Will not some influential world leader speak out? Will China be able to get way with murder? It has been getting away with murder for too long. Time that somebody stands up and kills this monster.
The earlier post indicated how nasty Steve Jobs had been to his coworkers.
If one were humane then one would shun one’s profit or trim one’s profit and carry out manufacturing elsewhere and not in China. China is a country that is known for is Human Rights violation. Apple not only carries out its manufacturing in China but according to reports it is one of the companies that is least responsive to the problems faced by the workers in the factories that supply it with itis components.
Given this one should boycott Apple products and ensure that it is forced to shift its manufacturing units elsewhere. I guess no many shareholders are complaining as most of them do not have anything to do with the plight of the workers in the plants building components for the successful Apple products. But unless we act humanely today and take note of what is happening elsewhere and limit our luxury items, somebody would do the same to us tomorrow. As Christ said “Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you”.
Yes I own an iPod, but I have no plans to buy any further.
US wants to provide billions of dollars of aid to a country where such a thing can happen. Supreme court saying that rape is fine (It is hogwash to say there is no evidence).
Will some leader have the guts to speak out against what is happening in China. They seem to take lot of interest in protests in Middle East and rightly so, but why does nobody speak out against China’s human rights violations. Why? Why? Why?
Tibet. Does anybody even know it is country and not part of China? And if they know why are they turning the blind eye to what China has been doing and is still doing to Tibet?
Pure greed. If anybody stands up to China they lose 1/6th of the world’s population as their market and this translates into huge revenue in their eyes. So what does it matter if a Liu Xianbin is jailed or if the monks in Tibet are prosecuted. Nothing matters but money. Show me the money is the name of the game that every leader in the world plays.
Greed for money has no end.