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The night was great as we were able to see a very clear sky with lots of stars. We did not spot any satellites. At 11 it started to rain. So we experienced a dinner rain rather than a tea rain.
The next day morning we were greeted by raindrops on the leaves and flowers.

Raindrops on the leaves
Raindrops on the leaves

After a late breakfast we left the Jungle resort. We managed to get stuck at the same stream, but came out faster this time as we resorted to pulling the stuck van using the unstuck van.
We passed over the hanging bridge once again to be back in civilization (at least we can claim to have spent a night in the forest).
We went for a place where there was some festivity going on account of it being the carnival day in Ecuador. Many were displaying their ability to play with Boa-Constrictors. They were offering the public a chance to be draped by a Boa for a dollar each.
Here is one of them.

The Boa Constrictor
Draped with a Boa Constrictor
The Boa again

The daring amongst us did drape the Boa around their shoulders and took their photos. I was not one of the daring ones for sure.
After the Boa we went to a Cascade. The walk to the cascade was an adventure. The cascade itself turned out to be small one, but the water was good and cold and the wash refreshing.

At the cascade