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The Lake Cuicocha is located in an now Extinct crater. Even as I say extinct there is some activity happening as the lake bubbles in different parts and one can see the bubbles that come up from the depths of the lake every once in a while.
There is a boat ride in the lake. One can see many ducks and storks along the bank of the lake and one the lake as one goes on the boat ride. The place is quite chilly, more chilly then one would find along the banks and so it will be better to be prepared with some good thick woolen clothing. It can rain so be prepared to safeguard your camera.
Here are some of the snaps.

The lake Cuicocha

The water

The boat on the lake

Duck on the lake

The peak Cotacachi which is an active volcano

A panorama of the lake Cuicocha

At the end of the boat ride they also give a hot herbal tea and believe me you will need one at the end of the ride.