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The Page 3 MurdersThe Page 3 Murders by Kalpana Swaminathan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The books assembles together a bunch of people who appear in the Page 3 (read these are some form of society celebrities) of Indian newspapers. Each one has a different background and their lives are interlinked either directly or indirectly. One of them is Lalli who is a retried police detective.
The person in the center is a cook who has led life in the footpath of the cities and has how become a very famous cook. He prefers to be called a cook and not a chef. The challenge is for him to prepare a meal that is to be evaluated by all present and by the food critic who is in their midst.
As the long weekend progresses each one reveals her or his characteristic, their animosities and their friendships come to the fore, naked and unhidden.
Soon enough there are two murders and it is upto Lalli to solve these. She goes about solving it using her wits and her logical mind.
A nice read.

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