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Ayushman is living off his mother’s earnings from the beauty parlor. He lives with his mother and his grandmother. His mother asks him to deposit the money in their bank. He wishes to deposit it in some modern bank. He goes to one and finds that Yami Gautam, the customer agent, will not open his account unless he brings

Anu Malik is an infertility expert who is on the hunt for a virile male donor to satisfy his customer. He finds Ayushman Khurrana to be a virile male whom he feels can satisfy his customers.

He begs Ayushman to donate some sperms.  Ayushman reluctantly donates some and he earns some money. Anu Malik finds that he is right and his customers are happy. He begs Ayushman to donate some more and soon Ayushman has made it a business to donate his sperms.

He also finds that he is slowly falling in love with Yami Gautam while ignoring his neighbour’s daughter’s attention much to her frustration. Yami says that she too is in love with him, but also says that she is divorcee. He has been telling her that he is doing a hand job.

His mother and grandmother are surprised to see him bring in a host of valuables to their home. They stop nagging him to go to work for his uncle. He bring Yami home hiding the fact that she is a divorcee. But the beans are split during the negotiations between the uptight Bengali father and aunt of Yami and the free-spirited Punjabi mother and grandmother of Ayshman. Luckily both the parties agree to the match and the wedding takes place in the typical Punjabi style and the uptight Bengali father finds himself loosening his limbs to the hearty Punjabi beats.

Soon Ayushman finds it difficult to satisfy the requirement of Anu Malik. He tries to take a job with his uncle to have some income, but fails to fit in. Yami in the meantime discovers that she cannot conceive. Ayushman’s secret of being a sperm donor comes to light and Yami moves in with her father in a fit of rightful anger. She accuses him of hiding facts from her.

Anu Malik acts as the negotiator and arranges for the gathering of all the children fathered by Ayushman and he invites both Yami and Ayushman. Yami first refuses and then finally relents to come for the meet. She is overwhelmed by the happiness of the children’s parents. They find a child fathered by Ayushman to have been orphaned. They adopt the child and decide to live happily ever after.

A nice movie, worth a watch.