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A movie about a lady coming back from from America to Mumbai. She meets Aamir Khan, a divorced painter at a party and ends up in his bed. Aamir tries to apologize the next day and this hurts the lady who is used to one night stands.

Both of them share a dhobhi. The dhobhi aspires to be an actor and when he realizes that she is a photographer asks her to shoot his portfolio. She bargains that he should show him his workplace as the payment. So she shoots his portfolio and he takes her to Dhobhi Ghat. And from there on he takes her to all around Mumbai.

The dhobhi develops and crush on her and she does not forget the crush on the artist, who has moved into a new apartment. There he finds a box left by the earlier occupant and finds a set of video tapes in them and starts watching them.

The tapes turn out to have been recorded by a newly wedded girl who is relating her experiences in Mumbai and her life to her brother and parents to whom she wishes to send the tapes. The tapes end with her confessing that she is going to commit suicide which disturbs the artist that he moves out of that place.

The dhobhi is also forced to shift out of his place as his brother gets in the way of a gang war and is killed.

Not a great movie. Just trundles around.