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 The review at good reads The Journey HomeThe Journey Home by Radhanath Swami

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is about an American from the hippy culture who wanted to break away from convention. He is into Rock and Roll and Acid and everything that epitomized his generation. He left for Europe against the wishes of his parents and during his travels in Europe he got his calling came. He was only 19 years old, he left all of that and left India on foot, traveling across the European and Asian continent to reach India via Pakistan.

He gets into India after much pleading because of the kindness of a Sikh immigration officer. He then travels to the Himalayas and meets various Gurus and experiences the path followed by each of them. He is not convinced to join any of them although he sees their spirituality, their kindness and their sincerity in what they are doing. He also come across a few bogus guru who are Gurus only for their selfish gains.

Finally he finds his Guru in Srila Prabhupada of ISKCON in Vrindavan. He is now a part of the organization and goes around helping others follow the path of Bhaktivendanta.

It is a good book to read. There is no doubt about the experiences that author has had during his travels, but some scenarios seem to be contrived and there seem to be too much of coincidences for a “rational” thinker to accept.

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