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Rohit Kumar has a very good post on how women are made objects of desire and treated badly. He has highlighted how the Entertainment Industry has denigrated the status of women.

My response to the post is as follow:

Well said.

The moot point is why do the women not take steps to ensure that such a situation does not arise, not that the men can shrug off their responsibility, but women have a role to play too.

Why cannot every mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, sensitize their son, brother, nephew, grandson to the other gender. Why do these women not teach their male relatives to behave? This will go a long way towards bringing equality and mutual respect between the genders.

Have we wondered why we have the stereo type mothers-in-law but not stereo type fathers-in-law? Is it ingrained into our women to belittle other women?

Unfortunately there is no doubt that we are a male dominated society where man dictates, but if all the women get together and educate, sensitize the males around them the world would be a much better place.

At the other end we have the feminist who wish to dominate the men. Both the extremes are bad for the society.

Any relationship where one dominates over the other and there is lack of mutual respect is a relationship filled with hatred, bile, jealousy and all the other negative attributes. There is no love.

It is only in relationship where each considers the other equal is there peace harmony, trust and hence love.

This applies to individuals as well as society. Try and analyze why we talk about racism, casteism, imperialism, religion base differences. All of this arises because one does not think the other is one’s equal.

This is true of the relationship between gender too.

Hope there is a social revolution to get rid of this situation.