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Prostitutes have been a condemned lot for ages. They have been considered to be among the scum of the society. The latest one has been Vladimir Putin comparing the publishers of fake Trump news to be worse than prostitutes, implying that prostitutes are one of the worst lot.

One wonders why this has been the case. If one goes and investigates the reasons for women turning prostitutes there will, in most cases, be a sad story which compelled her to turn into one. Either they had been abused as children by their near ones (note the term near and dear has been specifically not been used because such people can never be dear), or they have sold into this trade by their own parents for lack of money, or they have been left to survive on their own with no education or skill, or they have been in an environment which has led them to be dependent on drugs and they get into this profession to sustain their body’s demand for these expensive drugs.

Simple economics says that a trade exists because there is a demand for the product or the service. Similarly prostitution exists because there is a demand for it. Has the society ever turned around and asked why does this demand exist? So who is to be condemned, a society that pushes these women into prostitution or the society that demands the services of these women or these women yourself? The answer is pretty obvious, but it is left to everyone to answer for themselves.