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Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)Inferno by Dan Brown
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A good read from Dan Brown. Not as engrossing as Angels and Demons and one and one Da Vinci code, Inferno manages to hold the reader till the end of the book. Cannot complain on the pace of the book. Cannot complain about the twists and turns in the book. Cannot complain about the secret messages in the book.
So where does it let one down, possibly because the theme is becoming repetitive.

So should you read it? If one is a Dan Brown fan, then definitely yes. If one is not a Dan Brown fan then too it is worth the read. It is not a book that one feels like leaving alone after a few pages.

This time Langdon finds himself in Florence with a head injury and without having knowledge of how he ended up there. He hallucinates about a white haired lady asking him to “seek and find” and has visions of people suffering in hell. One of the doctors’ treating him is shot at and he runs off with the other, who conveniently happens to be a beautiful, prodigal lady.

Soon both of them are running around Florence, visiting all the main places related to Dante in some form or other seeking answer to a clue they find in his personal clothe. They are running away from a spiked hair lady and a whole fleet of police both local and military.

They realize that a genius maniac is about the unleash a biological war on humanhood with the intention of wiping out a whole chunk of human life so that life on earth becomes more sustainable.

How they figure out the mystery, dodging their pursuers all along, is the bulk of the story. Read it and enjoy it.

The Hero of the book is Dante Alighieri.

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