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Chinese WhiskersChinese Whiskers by Pallavi Aiyar
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The book is about the lives of two kittens adopted by a foreigner in China. One female, Tofu, from the streets and the other a male, Soyabean, is adopted from a litter of kittens of a cat that is living with an old man and old woman. The old woman has a son whom the cats do not like as he likes to torture them. Both of them live a protected life in the foreigner’s house. It is a world of difference from the one that they lived in their mother’s place.

The brother of Tofu from the streets visits them and tells them that he has joined the gang that has been formed by the brothers of the one who was born to the cat in the old man’s house.

The old woman’s son visits the foreigner’s house and Soyabean is selected to appear in an advertisement for cat food manufactured by the Chinese. The ad is a big success and Soyabean gets enamored with himself and ends up watching himself on the TV. He becomes an icon. The Tofu’s brother warns her that the cat food that is being promoted is not good.

A epidemic strikes China and it is attributed to the cats. The neighbours want to kill the cats and the animal inspectors are going round the town rounding up the cats. Tofu gets caught by the animal inspectors and is taken off. But she is saved by a good Samaritan who forces the inspectors to release the cats.

She finds herself with the dog from her neighbourhood at the site where they building the Bird’s Nest for the Olympics. Here she overhears the old woman’s son describing how they are using a cheap poisonous substance in the cat food and how they are profiting from it. She and the dog are adopted by worker’s at the site and she lives with them for sometime. Her brother has started looking out for her. He and his gang locate her and lead her back to her house much to the delight of the household.

Soon the epidemic dies and the cats are safe, but the cats being fed the cat food made my the Chinese are dying and ill health. Tofu tells her about the substandard cat food. They think about how to inform the world about it, but are unable. The ad featuring Soyabean is selected for an award and the cats make a plan.

Read the book to see what the plan is and if it succeeds.

There are some very quotable quotes in the book. The first one is by the old lady “Don’t you think its better to like what you have than have what you like?”. The second one is also by the old lady “What is the value of money when it can so easily be used up?. Learning can never be used up. Wisdom is never depleted. Fill your head rather than your pocket and you can never be robbed”. Speaking about corruption “Money can turn black into white in this dirty world”. Again the old lady “White wine turns a man’s face red, yellow gold turns his heart black!”. And the last one again by the old lady “The taste of a dumpling can’t be judged by how well it is folded”.
Wonderful quotes.

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Being a state that does not believe in religion and being a state that has driven Dalai Lama away from his homeland and persecuting the Tibetans, China has no right to interfere in who becomes the next Dalai Lama. China is violating the basic principle of separation of State and Church.
Will not some influential world leader speak out? Will China be able to get way with murder? It has been getting away with murder for too long. Time that somebody stands up and kills this monster.
Despite the evils perpetrated by the chinese regime, companies have either sold their soul to China or are in the process of doing so. Apple has already sold major part of its soul to the devil by manufacturing all its i* products in China. Now it also wishes to tie up with China Mobile to sell its iPhone product to the chinese consumers. Once the chinese start buying iPhone in bulk, and it very likely to happen, it will possibly become the biggest market for  Apple. Once this happens is there anything that will stop the chinese regime from twisting Apple’s arms to get what it wants. It has no problems in twisting its peoples arms and arms of people in Tibet and Taiwan and many parts of India, will it stop itself from twisting Apples’s arms? Will the US Government react the same way it does when China twists the arms of Tibet and Taiwan? Just imagine one day the entire world will be in the hands of chinese. God forbid.
The earlier post indicated how nasty Steve Jobs had been to his coworkers.
If one were humane then one would shun one’s profit or trim one’s profit and carry out manufacturing elsewhere and not in China. China is a country that is known for is Human Rights violation. Apple not only carries out its manufacturing in China but according to reports it is one of the companies that is least responsive to the problems faced by the workers in the factories that supply it with itis components.
Given this one should boycott Apple products and ensure that it is forced to shift its manufacturing units elsewhere. I guess no many shareholders are complaining as most of them do not have anything to do with the plight of the workers in the plants building components for the successful Apple products. But unless we act humanely today and take note of what is happening elsewhere and limit our luxury items, somebody would do the same to us tomorrow. As Christ said “Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you”.
Yes I own an iPod, but I have no plans to buy any further.
China is back at it again. This time it is trying to “re-educate” the monks in the monastery. What will people no do in the name of “Socialism”. This is taking equality to the extremes. “If somebody is poor I will make all of them poor.” I ask the same question. Will no leader in the world speak up against these atrocities? Will they all fall prey to the lure of lucre from the Chinese market?
Will some leader have the guts to speak out against what is happening in China. They seem to take lot of interest in protests in Middle East and rightly so, but why does nobody speak out against China’s human rights violations. Why? Why? Why?
Tibet. Does anybody even know it is country and not part of China? And if they know why are they turning the blind eye to what China has been doing and is still doing to Tibet?
Pure greed. If anybody stands up to China they lose 1/6th of the world’s population as their market and this translates into huge revenue in their eyes. So what does it matter if a Liu Xianbin is jailed or if the monks in Tibet are prosecuted. Nothing matters but money. Show me the money is the name of the game that every leader in the world plays.
Greed for money has no end.
Last year we had the undeserving Obama who could collect the prize and this year we have a deserving Liu who could not collect the prize, thanks to the skewed justice in China.

China is a nation that today stands on the cusp of dominating the world economy. Can we afford to let such a thing happen? It seems we are headed for disaster if such a country is allowed to dicate economic or for that matter any other term. This should be an opportunity used by all heads of states to reprimand China on its human rights violations, regardless of their market potential and their economic strength.

It was good that atleast India for once showed some spine and did not boycott the event at the insistence of China. Now we need to see how China will try and twist India’s arm when its delegates come to India to discuss.

A true article India snubs China.

In an earlier blog I had criticized Obama for not having taken any steps to correct the situation in Tibet. He has now risen up marginally in my eyes by way of having met Dalai Lama despite threats from China. It is time to call China’s bluff of owning Tibet and it having done only good for Tibet.
Hope he has the courage to take on China and hope rest of the worlds supports him in the cause of Tibet and help put an end to the autocratic rule in China.

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal which suggested that China should start acting like a world power and should start taking responsible role in the world politics alongside the US.
Should we even think in those terms. Should a country where this is the scenario be allowed to police the world?
What will the world come to if China were allowed to perpetrate what they do in their country? What about its Human Rights violations? What about Tiananmen Square? Should we just brush this under the carpet and allow such a country to pick up the baton of a World Police? Or even that of a regional police?
It is known to have helped Pakistan develop A-Bomb and is known to have supported North Korea build similar bombs.
Can we expect a country which does not allow basic freedom to its own citizens to act as a monitor to the other countries?
Here is a country which has claimed Tibet, another independent country as its own, and has destroyed the local populace. It has no qualms in staking claim to parts of Arunachal Pradesh in India and Sikkim and Bhutan. It has gleefully accepted pieces of India from Pakistan as gift, thanks to the stupid Indian policitcal leaders.
How can we trust such a country to police the world? It is a ridiculous suggestion. How can the currency of such a country become the standard for the world? Another ridiculous suggestion that has been going on in the financial circuits.
God forbid, we come to such state where China starts monitoring the world peace.