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Fun with Apple

Posted on: September 26, 2012

Here are some links of funny jokes and videos about Apple. Most of the parody videos are based on the original iPhone introduction. Each parody typically takes a particular aspect in the introduction and parodies it.

The accuracy of Apple Maps helps Christopher Columbus discover America.


London Underground helps Apple Map users find their way to their destination
Looking at the plight of the users of Apple Map London Underground has decided to addon the following note so that the passengers reach their correct destination.


The faithful herd following their Messiah

From (A view of the faithful at the Apple Store)

Watch how desperately wants an iPhone 5

How blind are Apple Fanboys?

See the Original Apple iPhone Introduction

Now watch the parody

Here is Steve Jobs Resurrected rapping away in all glory introducing the iPhone 5 to the Apple Fan Boys
The lyrics “Get an iPhone 5, Don’t ask why” summarizes the philosophy of the Apple Fanboys.

Another RAP Parody

Another parody exaggerating of Apple iPhone 5 features 

An Extra Tall Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone5 Vs. Samsung S III – Drop Test
Here is finally something that will give Apple fanboys to cheer about.

Another fantastic poke at the Apple Fanboys. This exemplifies the extent to which Apple Fanboys will go to justify and glorify everything that Apple does.

iPhone for photographing Food

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