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Ayushman is living off his mother’s earnings from the beauty parlor. He lives with his mother and his grandmother. His mother asks him to deposit the money in their bank. He wishes to deposit it in some modern bank. He goes to one and finds that Yami Gautam, the customer agent, will not open his account unless he brings

Anu Malik is an infertility expert who is on the hunt for a virile male donor to satisfy his customer. He finds Ayushman Khurrana to be a virile male whom he feels can satisfy his customers.

He begs Ayushman to donate some sperms.  Ayushman reluctantly donates some and he earns some money. Anu Malik finds that he is right and his customers are happy. He begs Ayushman to donate some more and soon Ayushman has made it a business to donate his sperms.

He also finds that he is slowly falling in love with Yami Gautam while ignoring his neighbour’s daughter’s attention much to her frustration. Yami says that she too is in love with him, but also says that she is divorcee. He has been telling her that he is doing a hand job.

His mother and grandmother are surprised to see him bring in a host of valuables to their home. They stop nagging him to go to work for his uncle. He bring Yami home hiding the fact that she is a divorcee. But the beans are split during the negotiations between the uptight Bengali father and aunt of Yami and the free-spirited Punjabi mother and grandmother of Ayshman. Luckily both the parties agree to the match and the wedding takes place in the typical Punjabi style and the uptight Bengali father finds himself loosening his limbs to the hearty Punjabi beats.

Soon Ayushman finds it difficult to satisfy the requirement of Anu Malik. He tries to take a job with his uncle to have some income, but fails to fit in. Yami in the meantime discovers that she cannot conceive. Ayushman’s secret of being a sperm donor comes to light and Yami moves in with her father in a fit of rightful anger. She accuses him of hiding facts from her.

Anu Malik acts as the negotiator and arranges for the gathering of all the children fathered by Ayushman and he invites both Yami and Ayushman. Yami first refuses and then finally relents to come for the meet. She is overwhelmed by the happiness of the children’s parents. They find a child fathered by Ayushman to have been orphaned. They adopt the child and decide to live happily ever after.

A nice movie, worth a watch.

The movie is based on a single incident in the life of the Martin Luther King Jr. He leads a group of African Americans on a march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. This was the time when the African Americans were being stalled from voting in the elections although by law they had the right to vote. The whites were in charge of the offices where people had to register to vote. The whites asked answerable questions to disqualify the African Americans from voting.

Martin Luther King Jr. plans for a peaceful march from Selma in Alabama to Montgomery to highlight the right denied to the African Americans. He meets with the President Lydon Johnson, but fails to convince the President to take action leading him to decide on the march.

He is also going through a crisis in his life. His wife is disillusioned with his long absences at home. He is unable to participate in the march. His followers start the march and the bunch of police offices under a white ruddy sheriff do not hesitate to beat and shoot the marchers and send them back. In the process a few of them are killed too.

King is forced to start the march the following day. He appeals to white clergy to join him and soon many white clergy and other white people join him on the march the following day. Seeing King in the front the police forces disperse. But King stops too and turns back, no wishing to risk another carnage. But one white clerygman is beaten to death by the whites opposed to granting of rights to the African Americans.

A few days later after speaking to the President again he starts the march and this time finishes it without any major incidents. They are taunted through the march, but they maintain peace and manage to reach Montgomery. The Governor of Alabama and the President are forced to take cognizance of this march and the President urges the congress to extend voting rights without any restrictions.

A very nicely presented movie. Has brought in a resolve in me to read more about Martin Luther King Jr. who was the pacifist face of the movement and Malcolm X who was the radical face of the movement.

A wonderful, inspiring movie on the woman boxer from Manipur. It starts with Mary Kom’s life as a tomboyish youngster who keeps picking up fight with the boys. One day during the course of a chasing a boy she gets into a boxing camp. She is captivated by what she sees and decides to enroll.

The coach tests her by asking her to come to the training ground everyday for a month and tries to discourage her by ignoring her. But perseveres and the coach takes her under his guidance. She does all this without her father knowing as he is opposed to her joining boxing and he believes this will disfigure her and would ruin her chances of getting married.

Mary soon wins a championship which is splashed in the papers. When her father sees this, he fumes and burns Mary;s gloves. But Mary continues and her father stops speaking to her.

Mary continues to win championship after championship despite minimum support from the government organizations.
The person leading the organization is a typical corrupt officer who keeps the bulk of the funds for himself and does not utilize the funds to provide facilities for the boxers.

She meets her future husband and soon decides to marry him. The coach is against the idea as he feels this will ruin her chances to win more championships and refuses to coach her. She soon becomes pregnant and she has to stay away from boxing.

After a few months of the birth the husband notices that Mary has become morose and he encourages her to take up boxing once again. She picks it up with gusto and starts training while she continues to nurse the twins. The coach refuses to take her on. But later he relents and starts coaching her.

She goes on to win the world championship as one of her twin undergoes a surgery for a hole in his heart. The film depicts Mary’s fight along with her child’s fight for its life.

Definitely it is an embellished version of Mary’s life, but it is neither exaggerated nor does it have too much masala. Just enough to keep it from being classified as a documentary.

A very good watch.

A wonderful movie around the Sri Lankan Tamil war. Nandita Sen a Tamil refugee ends up in Rameshwaram and gives birth to a girl child. But she wishes to go back to fight for Tamil Eelam. So she leaves the child in Rameshwaram and goes back.
Madhavan an engineer by profession is inspired to write after seeing the plight of the refugees and he becomes a famous author. He uses the pen name of his neighbour. Simran, with whom he is in live. Simran prods his conscience and he tries to adopt the girl child from the refugee camp but it is denied as he is single. He marries Simran and they bring up the child.
At the age of nine they decide to tell the child the truth. This leads to a series of disasters as the child now wishes to meet her biological mother.
Finally they go to Sri Lanka to in search of her.
The child meets up with her mother amidst the war torn Tamil Eelam. It is a heart rending movie to watch.
The question is raises is, should the child be told about it being adopted or should it not? If it is told should be told when it much older and can possibly understand better?
Good to see a film on adoption.
The movie links the life of three different people. One a student who gives up his scholarship to stay back and try to improve politics in India, another a gangster who helps politicians gather crowd and settles disputes by the power of his hand and the third a flirt who has just finished college and finds himself in love.

The film starts with a the flirty student taking a ride on the bike of student who is trying to make politics cleaner and then seeing the gangster shoot him at point blank.

The first of the flashback shows how the gangster comes about to shoot the student, how the student who wishes to clean the politics gets into a situation where the gangster wants to shoot him and why the student in loves happens to hitch a hike with him.

After the three flashbacks the film continues to a point where the gangster is finally back in jail, the student activist is elected to the assembly along with the flirty student who also finds his love.

Not worth a watch. The same movie was filmed as Yuva in Hindi.

Ila, a stereo typed housewife takes advice from the aunty upstairs (one can only hear the voice of this aunty throughout the movie) and cooks special recipe to try and win the heart of her husband who seems to have drifted away.

Fate intervenes. The near perfect world of lunch box deliverers of Mumbai make a mistake. The food cooked and packed by Ila ends up in the desk of one Mr. Fernandes. Mr. Fernandes, a widower, works in the claims of a nondescript firm and is on the verge of retirement. He has a contract with a nearby hotel that delivers food.

Mr. Fernandes is enamoured by the food that arrives at his desk and licks it clean. When the lunchbox reaches Ila, she is thrilled to find that lunchbox completely empty. She shares her joy with the aunty upstairs. But her joy is short lived. When she quizzer her husband on how the food was he says it was the usual and there was nothing special about it and he mentions a dish that she had not packed.

The upstairs aunty asks Ila to write and put a message in the lunch box. After some hesitation she does this. The box again reaches Mr. Fernandes who sends a reply back to the message that Ila has sent. Ila continues to take new recipes from the upstairs aunty and continues with the letters in which she starts relating about the problems she is facing in her life. Both eagerly wait for the lunchbox. They discuss the suicide of a young women with her young daughter, possibly due to the infidelity of her husband. Both left it unsaid that Ila’s situation is the same.

The firm has recruited a person to replace Mr. Fernandes and has asked him to train the new person. But Mr. Fernandes has been ignoring this new recruit for reasons best known to himself. But the new recruit is persistent and gets under the skin of Mr. Fernandes. So much so that Mr. Fernandes is forced to share his lunch with this new recruit. He also starts training the new recruit.

The letters start getting a romantic tinge and they decide to elope to Bhutan where they have heard that one has a Gross National Happiness Index instead of the Gross National Product Index. They decide to meet at a restaurant in the evening.

In the morning as Mr. Fernandes is traveling to work he is called “uncle” and is offered a seat by a youth. This sets him thinking and he does not meet Ila. Ila sends an empty lunch box the next day with no letter. Mr. Fernandes confesses that he had come to the restaurant and had seen her. He says that he finds here beautiful and that he is too old for her.

The exchange of letters with Ila has transformed Mr. Fernandes from a grumpy old man to a more socialable person. and he agrees to come in the only relative to the wedding of the new recruit who happens to be an orphan. She makes one last attempt to meet Mr. Fernandes and with the help of the lunchbox delivery person reaches the desk of Mr. Fernandes only to find that he has retired.

Ila also gets some confidence from the appreciation she has received from Mr. Fernandes. She asks the lunchbox delivery person to start delivering the box to the right destination.

The film ends with Ila deciding to go off to Bhutan with her daughter. Mr. Fernandes who has gone to to home town comes back and is headed to Ila’s home.

A nice watch. Watch it for a great acting by both Irrfan Khan as Mr. Fernandes and Nimrat Kaur as Ila.

For peace to reign the censor board should start banning films like Om Shanti Om. Totally useless, stupid, crass, worthless, … (add as many more adjectives equivalent to the ones here from the thesaurus). Just forget it.