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Thanks to Navi Mumbai and Mumbai Police

Posted on: March 3, 2016

It was morning 5:30 AM. Vishal was riding his bike back home to his home in Mumbai from Navi Mumbai. He was sleepy as he had spent the whole night finishing up the presentation along with his colleague.
For the first time in his 10+ years of riding bike he lost control and fell, fortunately on the side of the road. He lost his consciousness. Two policemen who were in the area saw him and took him to the nearest police station and took his details.
His phone did not have a lock, so the policemen started sending messages on WhatsApp giving the members an indication of what had happened. They also called up the recently called numbers, which luckily happened to be those of his friends with whom he had been through the night, and told them about the situation.
They took Vishal to an hospital in Panvel and got him admitted. They also called up his cousin who was in Singapore and told him about the situation. They took possession of his ring and necklace that he was wearing and his wallet.
Soon his friends arrived at the hospital. The police handed over the jewels and wallet to his friends and having done their job went on their way.
We tend to ridicule the police and find fault with them most if the time, but on this occasion but for them my nephew Vishal may not have got the immediate attention that was required.
I take this opportunity to thank the policemen who played the role of the good Samaritan. My Salute and Best Wishes to you. Hoping that there are more of your kind in the police force. We need you.

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