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The Patel Issue

Posted on: August 26, 2015

Here is some background about about the Patels. They are landholders and leaders. If the immigration of UK and US are to be believed “hoards” of Patels have migrated to these two countries. The American Consulate has notice boards in Gujarathi and have officers who can interview potential immigrants in Gujarathi.

Who would have guessed that these Patels would be socially backward, suppressed and exploited (in India).This is what Mr. Hardik Patel is trying to convince everybody.

It is ironical that when the constituent assembly was being drafted another Patel, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, was responsible for removal of reservation of seats for minorities which included at that time Muslims, Parsees, Sikhs and few others. He spoke with these leaders and convinced them to give up their special privileges and continue as “Indians”. See

Given that Sardar Patel, a respected leader of the Indian freedom movement, nay an icon of the Indian freedom movement, one who is regarded as the sole person responsible for one India today, advocated that reservation should not be given based on minority status of a person, it is ironic that another Patel is demanding vociferously that Patels be declared as belonging to Other Backward Community and they be given special privileges like the others. We can now expect Hardik Patel as the next Chief Minister in waiting of Gujarat. The way Lalu in Bihar and Mulayam and Mayavati in Uttar Pradesh have ridden the caste wave to become power centers one can expect the same happening with Hardik.

The movement of appeasement of people to win elections is going to be the downfall of India. It has already started manifesting itself in many forms and the downward spiral will continue till it ends in a civil war. Unlike many nations this civil war will not be a bi-party, but a multi-party civil war. The only way to prevent this is to do away with the words “caste”, “religion”, “minority” from the constitution and declare that Indian citizen is an “Indian” and there are no further classifications. At the same time ensuring the rights of the person to worship and marry as they seem deem fit. No coercion to marry or not to marry, worship or not to worship should be tolerated. The individuals should have the right to decide by themselves once they have reached their age of maturity. Similarly any kind of discrimination based on gender, caste, religion should be condemned and the person accusing others of doing this should provide proof of merit based on which she is claiming the discrimination otherwise it will turn out to be a weapon used for vendetta against others.

Hope the Patels realize their foolhardiness and retract their demand to be classified as OBCs. One would be very glad if they fought for abolishing Other Backward Communities.

It the Patels have any sense they should read the deposition of Mr. R. K. Sidhva and Mr. Tajamul Hussain in the posts listed above and summarized in
Mr. Tajamul Hussain on reservation
Mr. R. K. Sidhva on reservation

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