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Yahoo mistake or sensationalism?

Posted on: August 18, 2015

The article speaks about how Ambarish Mitra ran away from his humble home in Munirka, New Delhi and established himself as a successful serial entrepreneur. It is an interesting read.
The photograph in the article

Ambarish Mitra desk
has been titled that this desk is in the same state as it was when Ambarish ran away from his home in 1997. While most items in the image are believable, one of the books is “Who says Elephants can’t dance” by Louis Gerstner Jr. This book was released in 2002 and it is surprising that it is seen on Amabarish’s desk as he left it in 1997.

Not sure if it is a case of overlooking or was it just the extra zealousness of the reporter to embellish the story with some touching gesture.

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