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The Judge – A Review

Posted on: June 16, 2015

Another film about unscrupulous lawyers. The father is a judge and he has three sons. The first was a baseball player whose career came to a halt because of an accident involving the second son. The second son was driven out of the house because of this incident and goes on to become a lawyer. The third is a slightly retarded boy who is the butt of jokes of others.

The second son comes home for the death of his mother. The Judge greets all the people who have come to pay condolences by embracing them, but only shake hands with his second son.
Before the mourners can depart the judge is accused of murdering a ex-convict. He had first acquited the convict and the convict goes on to murder an innocent girl. This time he convicts him. The Judge seems to be carrying the guilt of having acquited him the first time.
The lawyer son jumps in and tries to fight the case. But the judge refuses his help and hires another lawyer who struggles to defend him. Finally the Judge relents and accepts the son as his lawyer. The son punches holes in the evidences and almost gets an acquittal. He also realizes that the Judge is on the verge of death due to cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. The Judge while claiming to have no idea if he actually rammed into the convict says that he believes that he has done so. The Judge is pronounced guilty.
A nice movie about the complex relationship between the father and the son. Watch it if you have a free evening.

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