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English Vinglish – A Review

Posted on: March 15, 2015

A movie that shows how a a naive Hindi speaking housewife takes up learning English and comes out with flying colours. The underlying message that is shown, probably no highlighted is how we Indians tend to underplay the contribution of a housewife and how everybody tends to brush aside them aside.

The film starts with Sridevi’s sister calling her over to New York to help her with her daughter’s wedding. With great trepidation she sets off to the US. Her companion to the US on the plane is non other than the Big B.

Exploring New York city he comes across an advertisement of a learn English classes. She manages to sneak out everyday to New York to attend the classes. An ever romantic french man falls in love with her. She manages to learn to speak English enough to speak at the wedding of her niece, giving them a good piece on advice on how they should live as equals.

All the actors are average, including Sridevi.

The movie is OK to see once.

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