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Kai Po Che – A Review

Posted on: February 20, 2015

An adaptation of Three Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat, Kai Po Che does justice to the book. The movie revolves around three youth from Gujarat who start their own business by taking loan from an upcoming politician who also happens to be the uncle of one of the trio.

One of them is a studious person who also uses this space for coaching students, one is very good at cricket and he starts a cricket academy and the third one is pushed into politics by his uncle who has provided the funding for the business. One Muslim boy who shows talent in cricket is taken under tutelage in their cricket academy.

Soon they dream of growing big and borrow once again from the politician and pay up for a store in an upcoming wall. The Bhuj earthquakes brings down their mall and their dreams. When the cricketer tries to help the Muslims he gets into a fight with the politician and the two friends break up.

The politician loses election and to gain popularity he arranges for people to go to Ayodhya for the Ram Janambhoomi. The boy makes arrangement for all those interested in going and also arranges for his parents to go along with the others. The compartment in which they are travelling is burnt by the Muslim extremists and the Hindus come for vengeance.

See the film for the culmination. The film deviates from the book in the ending.

Not a bad film.


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