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Tool and Nail by Ian Rankin

Posted on: August 10, 2014

Tooth and Nail (Inspector Rebus, #3)Tooth and Nail by Ian Rankin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inspector Rebus in London. A series of murders have been rocking London and the London police approach the Lothian and Borders for help. They specifically request for Rebus stating that he is an expert in serial murderers and would help them crack the case. His reputation precedes him and he kept under vigilance of one of the officers who also believes that what Rebus does makes sense.
Rebus elicits enough snickers amongst the London police not least for the way he speaks, which many do not even understand.
In his inimitable way he goes about rubbing everybody the wrong way, plays a truant and runs off to Glasgow leaving the London police fuming.
Finally using his intuition Rebus cracks the case and catches the murderer to the relief of one and all, except the murderer himself.
Another good read from Ian Rankin.

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