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Set in Darkness by Ian Rankin

Posted on: January 28, 2014

Set in Darkness (Inspector Rebus, #11)Set in Darkness by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another of Ian Rankin’s inspector Rebus books. This involves the building of the new Scottish Parliament. The developers discover a body buried in the vaults of an erstwhile hospital which is expected to become a part of the parliament. Rebus who is part of the team that is expected to facilitate the developers maintain security at the building site is bored of the events initially, but this discovery stirs the curiosity in him and he starts investigation on this. He involves Ellen Wylie and Grand Hood in this investigation.
Soon there is a second murder in the premises of the same hospital where the earlier body was found. This person in question was one who was expected to become a Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) soon. This high profile investigation is taken over by Rebus, much to the chagrin of Ellen Wylie. In this he has a partner in the form of another Inspector, a blue eyed boy in the force, a lot many years his junior to contend with.
The third is a suicide of a tramp who is found to have close to a half a million pound in saving. This suicide is handled by Siobhan Clarke.
Rebus in his own way ties up the three cases together and manages to rub the nose of his contender in the mud, much to the frustration of the high brass in the police.
Rebus comes close to being suspended before the mystery unfolds itself in the last few pages.
A good read for all the Ian Rankin, Inspector Rebus fans.

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