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Ten commandments for Development Process

Posted on: January 18, 2013

1. Thou shalt configure static code checking, run it, and fix violations that are raised by the tool.
2. Thou shalt version your code in the Version Control System.
3. Thou shalt adopt Continuous Integration. (*)
4. Thou shalt let the end user to use the system regularly during development to get her feedback.
5. Thou shalt make an effort and understand the business process of the domain.
6. Thou shalt discuss with client the requirements in detail and if required ask, what may be perceived to be stupid/obvious questions, rather than assuming.
7. Thou shalt document all assumptions and share and discuss with the client the assumptions.
8. Thou shalt not drive the development team to work more than 10 hours or make it work on Saturdays and holidays.
9. Thou shalt not add more developers to try and finish the project earlier. (#)
10. Thous shalt not skip testing and performance testing of the system before any release.
(*) Check out code from the Version Control, Compile the code, Run static Code checking, run the Automated Unit Tests and generate reports.
(#) Read mythical man month by Fred Brooks

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