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Ten Commandments for Coding

Posted on: January 18, 2013

1. Thou shalt not copy-paste code
2. Thou shalt name appropriately even if it means typing long names.
3. Thou shalt write and automate Unit Test Cases
4. Thou shalt write small methods and small classes. (#)
5. Thou shalt document, not how it works, not what it does($), but how it can be used and why it exists
6. Thou shalt have only two levels of indentation in any method.
7. Thou shalt not write god classes (*).
8. Thou shalt update your, logically complete, code changes at least one a day to the version control system.
9. Thou shalt update your development environment at least once from the version control system.
10. Thou shalt be humble enough to accept errors or inefficiencies in your code as pointed out by your reviewers, peers or juniors and be open to correct them.
(#) Because all good things come in small packages.
($) What it does or contains should be known from the name.
(*) God classes are classes that do too many things. Whole application depends on a few classes.

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