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The flower seller

Posted on: November 27, 2012

Mrs. D’Souza stirred in her grave. He gut feeling told her something was not right. It was the first anniversary of her death and she had observed a steady stream of her relatives visiting her grave to pay their respects. Although her dead eyes could not perceive as well as they did when she was alive, her eternal soul perceived something amiss. And then suddenly when she got out of her stupor it hit her. The flowers brought by the mourners were the same. The same bunch of flowers were being brought in by every visitor.

Curiosity got better of her. She was also wondering as to how her good for nothing son Albert was doing in his life. She had been worried for him as he had not been good at his studies and was curious to see how he was doing. Slowly her astral body peeled itself off from the now rotted earthly body and made its way out of the grave. She was coming out for the first time after she had been buried the last year.
She was greeted by the sight of her niece Susan and her family brining in the same bunch of flowers. She saw them place the bunch of flowers on the grave and saw them kneeling an crossing themselves. She heard Susan bless her soul. Susan was always her favourite among the various nieces she had. After spending a respectable amount of time her family left.

As she waited for the next round of guests she found Albert rushing in to the cemetry. He had nothing in his hands. She wondered if Albert had come without any flowers to pay his respects. She was glad that at least he had come without whiling away his time with his good-for-nothing friends.

But what he did next took her by surprise. He picked up the flowers in the tomb and ran out. He gave these flowers to a little boy who waited outside the cemetery. Soon her brother Maxwell and his family came. The little boy ran to them and tried to sell them the bunch of flowers. Maxwell was stingy any day and bargained with everybody. After haggling with the boy Maxwell bought the bunh of flowers. As soon as Maxwell went inside Albert came on the scene and pocketed the money from the boy. He went to a corner and started counting out the money and from what she could make out it was not a small amount.

Mrs. D’Souza was happy that her son had worked out a way to survive in the world without her. She re-entered her grave to Rest in Peace.

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