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The Secret Pilgrim by John Le Carre

Posted on: August 29, 2012

The Secret PilgrimThe Secret Pilgrim by John le Carré
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another classic from John Le Carre. This time it is not a full story. It is a series of small stories around the Secret Agent Ned and his cases which had association with the ever green George Smiley.

The book starts off during the time when Ned is an instructor teaching a bunch of trainees selected for the Secret Service. On the “Graduation Day” Ned sends an invitation to George Smiley asking him to address the new graduates half expecting that the invitation will be refused. But to his surprise Smiley accepts the invitation and comes for the ceremony.

The book revolves around the talk that Smiley gives the trainees. The statements made by Smiley trigger off different reminiscences in Ned’s and these are the stories that are told in the book.

A typical classic from John Le Carre. The last but two story is a beautiful read. It is about how Ned manages to eke out a confession from one of the cyber clerks who has been passing on secrets to a Russian spy. The conversation between Ned and the clerk is worth a read and could be a study material in any human psychology class.

The last but one which is actually the view of George Smiley on the Secret Service is also a wonderful read.

A must for all John Le Carre fans.

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