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How Schools Kill Creativity

Posted on: July 30, 2012

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity #TED : A beautiful talk by Ken Robinson highlighting how the school education is killing creativity.

Watch out for the example that he gives towards the end about the choreographer of the musical CATS. What is says is very true. Today the same child would have been suppressed by being given drugs. Although this is a bit of a stretch with respect to suppression of creativity, but it serves the purpose here. Children need to be allowed to follow their intuition and be provided an environment where they can pick and choose what they like to do. Teachers and mentors should guide the child in the right direction by praising the them in the area where they excel and gently nudge them away from where they are not able to show enough talent so that they do not face disappointment in future.

If this is what Ken Robinson has to say of the British and American education what will he have to say about the education the kids have in India? Learning by rote is the norm. Basics are never clarified. There is absolutely no stress on creativity. On the contrary the entire academics is geared to killing the creativity of the children.

The present education system was devised by the Britishers to generate efficient clerks. They succeeded and under relatively honest managers these clerks performed well. Now the education system and the environment into which these clerks enter has become so vitiated that neither do they function efficiently and to add to the woes they work under corrupt managers and become corrupt themselves. Many who wish to remain honest are either relegated to the sidelines or worst bumped off.

God save the country from the present education.

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