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The Power and Glory by Graham Greene

Posted on: June 5, 2012

The Power and the GloryThe Power and the Glory by Graham Greene
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The book is about the travails of a Catholic priest in Mexico during the time (1914 – 1934) when Mexico was purging the priests from there country. A priest who had taken to drinking whiskys and had fathered a child.
The priest has a chance to get out of the country, but he is driven by his conscience to go back to try and cure the mother of a child who comes looking for him.
He gets stuck and is pursued by the police. The task of catching him and another offender from across the border is handed over to one over zealous officer. This officer uses this chance to eliminate the ones he wishes to and uses this as a threat to the local people into revealing the whereabouts of the priest.
He is helped by the villagers who wish to have his blessings despite his love of whisky and rumours about him having fathered a child.
When the first time the police officer encounters the priest he is saved by the woman with whom he has had a girl child. The girl also points to him as her father and so the police lets him go.
One of the informer tries to get the priest handed over to the police but chance helps the priest get away.
When he finally gets caught he is not recognized by the police and is let off after a night in the jail.
He is caught once again and this time they putting him in front of the firing squad.
Read the book if you wish to have some understanding of the rural Mexico during the era when they were eliminating the catholic priests. The author has painted a very good picture of the countryside Mexico and the situation at ground level during that era.

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