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A visit to Guayaquil – Return to Quito

Posted on: January 5, 2011

The next day we left back for Quito. On the way the landscape was great. All the landscape that we missed during the night travel from Quito to Guayaquil, we were able to enjoy on the way back as it was a day journey. The greenery of the place is stunning.
On the way we were also lucky to see a cascade amidst the Andes mountains between which Quito is situated.
Overall a very tiring trip, because of the long journeys, but it was worth every tired muscle.

 Some of the sights on the way back to Quito.

A typical countryside Habitat in Ecuador

Another country side Habitat in Ecuador

Cattle being herded by men on horses

Colourful Natural tranquility

Country side greenery

Another vista of greenery

A typical countryside scenery

Fields in Ecuador

Leaves in the Andes

The Cascade

Another view of the Cascade

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