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A visit to Guayaquil – Cerro de Santa Ana ( A hill which houses houses)

Posted on: January 5, 2011

This is a small hill on which people live from the bottom to the top. At the top of the hill is a Church and a lighthouse like building. There are steps to climb up this hill. There are houses on both sides of the steps. The area had a bad reputation before the municipality decided to clean it up and make it a tourist attraction. They have succeeded in achieving this. The steps are even and well maintained. The climb is dotted with fountains and shops from where one can get water, which is very essential as the sun gets quite hot here.
But the climb is not a tedious one although there are 444 steps to the top. The view of the city of Guayaquil with the river Guayas makes the climb worth it.
At the top one can go up the lighthouse like building and have a panoramic view of the entire city. The church, although small, is well maintained.
There is a local market at the bottom of the hill where one can buy tourist trinkets.
The view of the hill from the bottom

A closer view of the summit.

The start of the climb

At step number 173

Flower in front of one of the houses along the side of the steps.

A closer view of the flower.

The lighthouse like structure at the top of the hill

A view of the Guayas river from close to the top

A Panorama from lighthouse at the top of the hill

Another view from the top

The conquerers of Santa Ana. A proof of having climbed 444 steps.

The boat at the top of the hill.

The inside view of the Church at the top.

Close up of glass paintings in the Church

The Church at the top of the hill

The view of Santa Ana at night from Malecon 2000

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