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Contrasting Nobel Laurettes

Posted on: December 10, 2010

Last year we had the undeserving Obama who could collect the prize and this year we have a deserving Liu who could not collect the prize, thanks to the skewed justice in China.

China is a nation that today stands on the cusp of dominating the world economy. Can we afford to let such a thing happen? It seems we are headed for disaster if such a country is allowed to dicate economic or for that matter any other term. This should be an opportunity used by all heads of states to reprimand China on its human rights violations, regardless of their market potential and their economic strength.

It was good that atleast India for once showed some spine and did not boycott the event at the insistence of China. Now we need to see how China will try and twist India’s arm when its delegates come to India to discuss.

A true article India snubs China.


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