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Some poems

Posted on: May 11, 2010


To her, he looked like a god,

He with his well toned bod,
She wished to be with him in a pod,
Looking wistfully at him for his nod.
God stop me from committing folly,
While people keep calling this body jolly,
Help me so that this body never has to say sorry,
And never in life does it have to worry.
One of a kind
When his mother, to him, gave Birth,
In the third rock from sum, the Earth,
On the rock the birth caused a lot of Mirth,
For on the rock, of his kind, there was Dearth
God let me know what is right,
And what is wrong, without fright,
Without losing at anytime, of goal, the sight
And never having to get into a fight
Corporate Meeting for the Timid
One gets into a meeting
To get a nice beating
Before it one gets a glimpse, fleeting
Of the impending fleecing

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