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Paryting on Parole

Posted on: November 10, 2009

Somebody who has been convicted by the court for killing another human in cold blood is released on parole, apparently because his mother is sick and he has shown good behaviour. What do you expect such a person to do? Go to mama and take care of her? Stay out of further trouble? No. See what such a person does. and this
Partying in a Night Club and getting into tiff with with others in the party.
This is our India. Where the mind is not free, but people with money are free and run amok with absolute disdain of morals and ethics.
Where our politicians feel they should allow such persons pardon, because their parents made a big donation to their party for the elections, or got their favourite good-for-nothing relative a paying job.
Tagore wanted a free India where the Indians could walk with their heads held high. Which Indian go with her head held high when such happenings are becoming common?

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