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Frame of Mind

Posted on: November 4, 2009

Life sometimes becomes such a fight, because of a fight. One gets into the bad frame of mind because of some fight or argument, caused due to miscommunication and/or immaturity on one side.

How then does one get back onto a good frame of mind, when happenings in daily life seem to keep pushing one into a bad frame of mind.

Small incidents, played back in the mind, fanned by discussions with ones who sympathise with one, all ensure that one continues in the bad frame of mind for a long time.

It then leads to bitterness in ones life and brings similar bitterness to the life of all around one.

One needs to maintain equanimity in life. One should not let such incidents effect ones frame of mind. If one does allow such a thing to happen then getting out of such a frame and building a bond with the other person becomes a task next to impossible.

But then one wonders is it worth being with such a person who keeps irritating, nagging and fighting with one all through on a day to day basis.

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