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Gaga Over Cricket – Part II

Posted on: March 5, 2008

It will be minomer to call the Indian Cricket team a juggernaut, but it will now be hard to stop the media juggernaut from creating a hype about the Indian victory Down Under. India won the Tri-Series finals against Australia for the first time in 23 years and the media is gushing with hyperbole as to how India has triumphed against the might and sleight of Australia.

To top it the BCCI has awarded close to a crore to the cricketers. Compare this to the 15 lakhs that was offered to the under 19 team which won the World Cup and compare this to what the hockey and other players get through the year. Will they now fine the players a crore if they exit the next world cup as ignominiously as they did this time?

Definitely the cricketers are a pampered lot and its high time the BCCI was audited. Every Pawar, Laloo and Dalmia wants a piece of the BCCI cake. Why would they not with Shah Rukh and Ambanis and the other corporates willing to offer millions to buy cricketers.

One only hopes that the players are able to remain level headed and don’t overboard. Going by history that is unlikely to happen. Victory does get into the head of the players in a big way. Victory is a great booster. But our players seem to get boosted out of this world. They get into their own world leading to disaster on this world. They tend to lose the next set of matches very badly. And then when they get brick-bats from everywhere they wake up.

That last bit sounds very Indian.



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