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Gaga over Cricket

Posted on: March 4, 2008

How easily we go gaga over cricket. One match won and our media goes raving about the supremacy of our team. No doubt beating Australia is a big task, but the fact that beating Australia, being such a big deal, is a clear pointer to who is the better team.

When we reach a stage when the world considers it a big deal to beat Indians, thats the day we can declare ourselves to be supreme. till then our chest beating is just a chauvinstic gesture, at the least, or a means for promoting readership/viewership for the media.

Read any of the newspapers yesterday and invariably India beating Australia in the first of the finals has been made a big deal and that as the first page news. Some like the Free Press even went on to claim that Little Wimp (Bajji) has had the last laugh. It is not doubt a catch, jingoistic headline, but they have forgotten that this is just the first match, there are two more matches to go before knowing who has the last laugh and the Australians are known to claw their way back from more precarious situations. They should have waited for the outcome of the final and then given the headline and then it would have made more sense.

Sometimes it is better to speak with your bat or ball than with your mouth and its high time our media learnt that.


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