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Posted on: May 8, 2007
It is so sad to hear the conutries like Japan and Norway want to re-introduce whaling. It is a pity that human beings, so called ‘civilised’ (as apart from barbarians) wish to kill whales and that too in numbers.
A few months ago there was a report from the US (
( where a hammerhead shark was caught only to achieve a world record, and guess what, the shart was pregnant with 55 pups of which most where full term. How does one get the heart to do something like that? Will one not fall down and cry at such an atrocity? Will one not feel like giving up fishing after reading something like this?
No it does not look like it. It is just a matter of sport for humans to kill other living beings. The bull fighting in Spain being a classic example. The worst part of it is that these matadors claim that the bull is not hurt by all the swords that poke into it. It is considered a national sport. If one can justify whaling and killing of bulls for sport then one should not be outraged when slaves were set upon each other in the Roman Empire for the thrill of the Emperor. That should be fully justified too. Probably it was done in some way by the slave traders of the past.
If this the kind of sympathy we show for the living beings where are we headed?

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