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Reservations Again

Posted on: April 27, 2006

Everybody seems to want to add his/her two pennies to the Reservation Quagmire. In todays Times of India one idoit (thats the least of words that I can use for this person) has said that the Private Sector’s opposition to the Reservation is equivalent of saying that the “Other Backward Classes” (OBCs) do not have merit and only the upper classes have merit.

How much can a person make a fool of himself? If as the author wishes to imply, the OBCs were meritorious then why at all do they need reservation. What Mr. Azim Premji and others in the industry indicated that they are opposed to reservation and will recruit only based on merit. So why should anybody oppose that if they believe that everybody is equally meritorious.

I do not wish to imply that the OBCs are not meritorious and because of that I oppose reservation.

What is needed is that the people should stop looking at the Caste and Religion of the people and go by the merit. That will solve all problems.

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